The Watchers

Acrylic and mirror vinyl on Board

600 mm x 840 mm

As I began discovering all the wonderful Masters through the centuries, specific artists’ began to stand out for me.
Caravaggio’s magnificent work and use of Chiaroscuro;
Anthony Van Dyck – his use of light and the marvelous brush strokes.
Mary Cassatt – one of the great ladies of the 1800’s gentle approach to her subjects.
Vincent Van Gogh inspires me for his persistence and perseverance through great adversity. He worked hard learning as he worked; trying again and again to perfect his art.
These are “The Watchers”.

The Mirror is a reflection whether of the mind or the hidden world. It reveals something from another angle, place, existence or truth. The very Greek root for the word idea is ‘eidos’ meaning a reflected image or likeness either in water or a mirror.

However, it can be said “For all true artists, even atheists like Picasso, our minds are a reflection of God or, put less religiously, the cosmic power of Creation”
The mirror is you reflected in the image of the creator. We are all expressions and images of the mind of the creator.
When you, the viewer, stand in front of this painting, your image will be reflected between the viewers in the painting. The ghosts of great artists’ gather to welcome you into their midst. You (the viewer) a fleeting reflection, stand shoulder to shoulder with the past.

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